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Founded on the principles of inclusion and open discussion on all global matters, we aim to provide a platform where students can gain an international perspective on developing economic markets and further their understanding of the intricacies of these markets and the challenges they face.

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Latin America: The Region Raging with Potential

Latin America, a region endowed with vast resources and a large population has the makings to be a successful world economy. However, that is far from reality. In the early 1960s, Latin America’s per capita income was more than double that of East Asia. Nowadays, however, the region lags behind with none of its countries…

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Does China need to deregulate its economy?

For years, economists and political scientists studied the relationship between government institutions and economic growth – mainly the association between democratic institutions and economic development within a state. The general consensus was that although democracy does not directly lead to economic development, higher human capital accumulation, lower inflation, lower political instability, and higher economic freedom usually were prerequisites for development. Furthermore, economic sources of growth, like education levels and lifespan, through improvement of academic institutions as well as healthcare were all present in democracies. Read for more on how in recent years, China has challenged these conventional political norms greatly.

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