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Founded on the principles of inclusion and open discussion on all global matters, we aim to provide a platform where students can gain an international perspective on developing economic markets and further their understanding of the intricacies of these markets and the challenges they face.

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Latin America- We Must Act Now

“We must act now.”- Lola Castro, WFP Regional Director while speaking about the Latin American region in 2023. Latin America has been facing a combination of economic and social challenges in recent years. The region’s economies have slowed down, and inflation rates have risen, leading to social tensions. These problems have been compounded by the…

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Latin America- Leftist America?

Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina- in the last year, several countries in Latin America have seen the election of left-wing leaders. Given that the region has traditionally been dominated by center-right and conservative governments, this has been an exciting and surprising time for the region. The election of left-wing leaders marks a some would say, much…

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