Latin America- We Must Act Now

“We must act now.”- Lola Castro, WFP Regional Director while speaking about the Latin American region in 2023. Latin America has been facing a combination of economic and social challenges in recent years. The region’s economies have slowed down, and inflation rates have risen, leading to social tensions. These problems have been compounded by theContinue reading “Latin America- We Must Act Now”

Latin America- Leftist America?

Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina- in the last year, several countries in Latin America have seen the election of left-wing leaders. Given that the region has traditionally been dominated by center-right and conservative governments, this has been an exciting and surprising time for the region. The election of left-wing leaders marks a some would say, muchContinue reading “Latin America- Leftist America?”

Navigating Stormy Seas: What Lies Ahead for Developing Markets in the Face of Recession and Uncertainty

As the global economy braces for the potential impact of a looming recession, many eyes are turning to developing markets, which could face unique challenges in the face of economic downturns. However, developing markets also have the potential to drive economic growth and innovation, even in the face of adversity. One factor that is likelyContinue reading “Navigating Stormy Seas: What Lies Ahead for Developing Markets in the Face of Recession and Uncertainty”

The Great Reopening: China

On January 8th, inbound travellers to China no longer faced quarantine requirements, effectively reopening one of the world’s largest economies. In the wake of mass popular protests, Beijing ditched the last of its restrictive zero-COVID policy in which the population faced severe limits, frequent lockdowns, and mass testing. According to IMF projections, China’s economy willContinue reading “The Great Reopening: China”

The Vibrant Economy of Dharavi, India’s Largest Slum

Dharavi is located in Mumbai and considered to be one of the largest slums in the world. It has an estimated population of about one million in an area of just over 2 square kilometres. To put that into perspective, that is about a third of the size of London Gatwick Airport. Despite the challengesContinue reading “The Vibrant Economy of Dharavi, India’s Largest Slum”

Emerging Market Debt Outlook

Persistently high inflation throughout 2021 and into 2022 has forced global Central Banks to begin a tightening race to cool inflation. This has led to a massive surge in yields around the world. The Federal Reserve has thus far this year hiked 375 basis points and is expected to continue to raise rates in subsequentContinue reading “Emerging Market Debt Outlook”

Emerging Markets Called to Step Up in the Fight Against Climate Change

Following the recent COP 27 climate change summit, the DMS shifts our analysis this week towards the responsibility of emerging markets to now step up in the global effort against climate change. Known for its warm weather and luxury resorts, the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh played host to COP 27, where world leaders metContinue reading “Emerging Markets Called to Step Up in the Fight Against Climate Change”

Brazil’s 2022 Presidential Elections: Evidence in Favour of Latin America’s Second Pink Tide

On the 31st of October, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was pronounced the victor of Brazil’s 2022 General Election, following heated months of debate with current right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro. Lula, former union leader, and already two-time president of Brazil, rooted his campaign around the promise of improving healthcare services, exempting low earners from incomeContinue reading “Brazil’s 2022 Presidential Elections: Evidence in Favour of Latin America’s Second Pink Tide”

The African Sovereign Debt: Realities and Outlook

Debt or credit is one of the most relevant financial tools needed by countries to achieve consumption and capital expenditure goals. Sovereign debt, known in some circles as public debt, is how governments leverage domestic and foreign credit facilities to finance their investments in growth and development. Domestic credit instruments are usually treasury bills andContinue reading “The African Sovereign Debt: Realities and Outlook”

China’s Hukou System and Its Declining Growth Of Population

China, accounting for one-sixth of the world’s population, is on-route to a potential decline this year. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, China’s population increased from 1.41212 billion to 1.41260 billion, marked a record low increase of 480,000, which is a tiny fraction of its normal annual growth of 8 million inContinue reading “China’s Hukou System and Its Declining Growth Of Population”