Latin America- Leftist America?

Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina- in the last year, several countries in Latin America have seen the election of left-wing leaders. Given that the region has traditionally been dominated by center-right and conservative governments, this has been an exciting and surprising time for the region. The election of left-wing leaders marks a some would say, muchContinue reading “Latin America- Leftist America?”

Big Data: A Force for Positive Social Change in Developing Economies

In Kampala, the capital city of developing Uganda, operates the largest dataset on microfinancing for the poor and unbanked. Grameen Foundation, a survey platform, has set up an AppLab with tools to make use of information stemming from its clients’ microfinance transactions and related information flows. This helps them form predictive patterns to solve theContinue reading “Big Data: A Force for Positive Social Change in Developing Economies”