Developing Markets Society is founded on the goal of promoting dialogue amongst the students at LSE about the various issues being faced in developing economies. LSE is home to thousands of international students, many of whom come from countries which are still developing.

Such countries often face issues radically different from the developed world, however little is talked about them. Given the principles of inclusion and open discussion on all global matters, the LSE Developing Markets society aims to provide a platform where students can gain an international perspective on developing economic markets and further their understanding of the intricacies of these markets and the issues they face.

Through a focus on developing economies in particular, an area which presently lacks discourse at the LSE, the society hopes to enable students to apply what they learn and contribute to global economic development in the future.



Expand members’ knowledge of Developing Markets all over the world through events, and build their ability to critically analyse and compare these markets from an economic perspective.



Produce articles, newsletter and engaging content that allows interested members to apply what they learn through researching and writing about Developing Markets, and share their views with fellow students.


Professional Growth

Connect students with professionals working in or with Developing Markets to enhance their understanding of these economies and build transferable skills for their future careers.


Hosting interview panels on Developing Markets, to share various perspectives on the development of these markets and their respective future outlooks.


Bringing in professionals to deliver individual talks explaining, in detail, their work in Developing Markets and their career paths.


Conducting debates on topics regarding Developing Markets.


Organising Policy Research and Essay competitions on Developing Markets in partnership with various organisations including but not limited to Academia, Economic Consultancies, Think Tanks and other organisations.

Work With Us

LSESU Developing Markets Society has partnered with speakers across the globe covering a plethora of issues affecting developing markets and beyond. If you share our passion for exploring such issues and would like to collaborate, please get in touch via email at developing.markets@lsesu.org.

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